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when I was a kid she said

 I had a poet’s point of view

and the scars on my heart

they prove that’s true

I didn’t want to be  different,

but there was nothing I could do

couldn’t change the way I look, and when I look,

I see all the way through

now I got seven guitars and a tele tattoo

and I’ve played enough bars to have the right to

maybe I will never be a star but I know I can’t quit

‘cause when I play this guitar

I can almost make the pieces fit

I used to stare into the night air night after night

a lonely kid who never did anything right

then I got set free on a life of sweet crime

when I played a guitar the first time


I suppose there are those

who think it’s just a foolish game

maximum exposure for minimum fame

and no one has meant it yet

when they’ve whispered my name

but sweet words in your ear

or the audience’s cheers

it’s basically the same


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