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I had been awakened, shaken

overtaken by a midnight chill

forsaken, I kept making

my way toward a figure on top of that hill

he said, son, at last you appear

I’ve been watching you from up here

and I love the way you pretend that you don’t care


no one lives forever

and my time is near

whatever it’s worth when I’m leavin’ this earth

there aint no verse I wanna hear

but when I’m lying there all alone

this is what I want on my tombstone

let mercy be on my side

I tried

still shaken, forsaken

 I swear on the stars at night

I have always in all ways

tried to live life right

he said, son (through a hollow stare)

these are things of which I’m aware

but whatever you do

you’re going to wind up here

I TRIED - Richard Hart

Words & Music © Richard Hart

Guitars and Vocals: Richard Hart

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